Wednesday, May 27, 2009

time ambled along...

In the beginning of 2007, Paul and I felt we were ready to have a baby... as with everything else, we didn't have a plan or agenda... just went with whatever happened. In June we found out the baby was on her way! Strange feeling - knowing somebody has begun making your tummy their home, but you feel no different. (A very close friend of mine, Vicki had just moved back to Canada with her family - Atul and James - and she gave me James' child sized table and stool saying you'll never know when you might need it...little did we know, I was already pregnant when she was saying that!!)
I was totally caught up with finding out 'what was the best way to ensure everything was going to go fabulously well'
I was always more convinced that native methoda of medicine were far superior to allopathy, so most of my research was into what Ayurveda advised for pregnancy.

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