Monday, May 18, 2009

where did it all begin?

I'm wondering where to start:
...from the beginning of Paul and Reba's meeting each other?
...or did the story begin during Reba's early twenties when the need to shake off the 'establishment' from her shoulders started becoming a constant urge...?
...or was it already seeded when she bacame aware during childhood that her own birth was a difficult one for her mother, who consequently had two caesarian deliveries to have her two younger sisters?
...or was it from inheriting her grandmother's sense of independance...?
As with all stories in life, I have come to realise that there is no one starting point....just many variables that come into play at points in time, presenting themselves to be woven into a personal equation.
I think the actual technical beginning of this particualar journey began in July 2007, when Paul was in Los Angeles, working on a project from the studio he was working in at the time. He met a wonderful man named Alan, a designer who was working on the same project, who was passionately committed to working against vaccinations. Paul was convinced by the information Alan had...and so was I after hearing about it and checking it up for myself. In a few weeks time, I got a documentary on the internet about vaccinations, which had doctors examining in great detail - with a lot of convincing statistics- about the efficacy of vaccinations as a form of immunisation. (now, I have absolute knowledge in the power of the universe unfolding itself through synchronicity in our lives, so on hindsight I am not surprised at the timing that this happened!). Their verdict was that there was not enough proof to say that vaccinations worked in the way that the general public perceived. Bottomline: if you ensured that your child's immunity was up all the time, the human body would successfully take care of the rest.
Although we as a couple had hardly decided to have a baby...we were decided on the fact that if we did have one, we would not vaccinate

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